We are two sisters who are in tourism business more than 25 years. Yes,right! We have started very young. Initially, we organised some corporate events for a company/various companies then we moved into more supervisory roles in that field which led us to become event coordinators. Since we have been in tourism business so long, there is a funny fact that we have been known as Sevinc Sisters even we are married and our last names have been changed. Still our suppliers call us Sevinc Sisters. We would like to share this little detail because we have found this very cute.

tb-eventWhen we felt that we are ready to have our own company and make something unique and unforgettable events and tours; A story starts from this moment TB Event Company was found following a dream to have a small, bespoke yet passionate and experienced team. TB Event Company was born out of a desire to create a truly client focussed agency with a strong creative twist.

So, the frequently asked question is “What we do?” Lets try to explain; Since we love to eat and drink TOO MUCH, we thought that we should organize our unique gourmet tours. So we have been doing it, to be honest we are very good at eating and drinking; we think that we can tell the differences a good food and not worthy try one, we have personally checked every wine cellar or restaurant or hotel before we suggest to our clients. Some of our friends find us TOO obsessed but they might not know that our team were picked because of their obsession with the details and their excellent experience and dedication to events.

We tremendously love nature. We are organizing trekking tours in Kackar Mountains area. We also call these mountains “Alps in Turkey” believe us, they are gorgeous. Since we are originally from that area, we believe that there can not be anyone who knows that area better than us. Well, as we said we love eating and drinking we are taking our guests to very unique highlands people’s house to have lunches and sometimes dinner to experince local food in their native area . We can assure you that our trekking tours are too unique to forget.

As we have mentioned about the obsession; events are still our passion Shall i give you a secret; if you know someone who is in tourism business they might not be normal :) they might likely to have obsession like us. So we are addicted to event planning, organising various types of meetings for cooperate companies including; corporate companies, fire up meetings, motivation team meetings...any kind of meeting we can plan and organize at TB Event). Also we assure we go that extra mile to deliver excellence and perfection in every event that we produce. We provide a number of services to help plan everything from start to finish and take the stress away from you. This is what we do all day, everyday and our expertize, knowledge, and combined experience of 25 years in the events industry will shine through in the way we work with you personally and professionally. Organizing events is our life and we love what we do.

Last but not least, we like to dance with any kind of music, this is another story how we start to have our own party, keep reading ….we have realized that We long for 90s music and could not find any good place to enjoy this music so we decided to plan our own party.

Furthermore, we can organise events ranging from pyjama parties, masked balls and traditional wedding receptions.

So you guys only thing you should do; start to make the guest list and leave the rest to us